We specialize in treating depression, anxiety, in its various forms, and relationship conflict. We treat them every day.

Depression. High Stress. Panic. Trauma. Severe Shyness. Obsessions. Compulsions. Phobia.

Angry outbursts. Unhappy a lot. Avoidance. Isolation.

Relationship breakdown.
We use research-based solutions which have proven effective, combined with decades of experience.
It’s what we do. And we love what we do.


Welcome to the No-Mmhmm Zone.

Ever heard about therapists who just look at you and say, “Mmhmm?”
Every day, clients walk out of our offices feeling better, and seeing their lives change. Our experience continues to show, every day.

Can having some conversations really change my life? The answer is, usually, sort of miraculously, “Yes.”

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What they're saying

  • Warmth and insight seem to be second nature to Yael. Her focus on understanding her client’s view of the world and dedication to guiding them to achieve their goals serves them well.  I am confident that, when I refer families and children to her, they will receive thoughtful and excellent care. Roy Eyal, MD, Child, Adolescent and General psychiatrist.

  • The work Tim did was powerful and effective…  One of the most profound messages Tim imparted to me was that this work can be fun. I don't have to be in pain to do this inner work…  Dr. Edwards is kind and gentle and was able to get to the heart of my issue quickly… I went to traditional counselors for my anxiety management, and none of them had ever been able to help me understand my anxiety, but Tim did… With profound gratitude: thank you, Tim!
  • Dan is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, analytic and creative thinkers I’ve come to know”. —Gilbert Newman, PhD, Dean, The Wright Institute I have been involved in men’s groups for 20 years, and I can say with absolute certainty that no one, no one, has had the kind of impact on me that Dan has had…. Working with Dan is like taking a weekly trip to a special gym, with a great trainer, where I work out and practice staying emotionally present… The level of communication between my wife and me has improved several fold as a direct result of the work I have done in Dan’s men’s group… Dan is a shaman… It is a profound blessing for me to have worked with Dan.
  • Rob's open and gentle manner made me feel immediately comfortable. He is skilled at managing challenging relationship issues, and brings his wealth of compassion and sensitivity to difficult situations... When I first met Rob, I immediately felt a sense of warmth and empathy that made me comfortable to express my true feelings on the anxiety and depression I have suffered from for years... Rob has been a guiding, insightful and most of all, helpful resource in my life. His life experience and training have provided a compassionate and direct perspective that has helped me through some very difficult challenges.